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Nonoperative Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Nonoperative Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Dr. Stenson's preferred philosophy is to initially treat shoulder pain conservatively. Please see below for a variety of treatments which may be helpful in the care of your shoulder.

Ice and Heat Treatment

Ice causes vasoconstriction which minimizes the flow of blood and lymph fluids to the area thereby reducing inflammation and pain. Application of an ice pack over the affected area in 20-minute intervals during the first 48 hours, along with elevating the shoulder above the heart can help reduce inflammation and pain in the region. Once the inflammation recedes, the application of heat can help improve the blood flow around the region to promote healing.

In addition, we offer an extensive series of nonsurgical treatment methods to help you reduce your pain and restore your shoulder function. These include:


This often involves the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs to help relieve pain and swelling. In some cases, oral steroids may be prescribed to ease the pain and reduce inflammation.

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone injections are steroids that are injected into the concerned joint space, bursa, or the region around a swollen tendon. This helps in reducing the inflammation quickly and easing pain. In some cases, imaging techniques such as ultrasound may be used by Dr. Stenson to guide the needle to the exact location while injecting the medication.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is beneficial to shoulder restoration. The therapy can help in strengthening the shoulder joint and restoring its functionality. It can also help with the prevention of recurring shoulder pain after the injury is treated. Moreover, physical therapy can help you learn proper shoulder movements, lifting techniques, and exercises that help reduce unnecessary strain on the joint during every-day activities again preventing future discomfort or injury.

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